Installation Instruction.

1. How to install?


After login, goto Layout > Edit HTML > Backup / Restore Template > click Browse > choose Gallery.xml click Upload > View Blog.

2. Logo
Goto Layout > Edit HTML > Edit Template > find

Replace with your logo url

Save Template.

3. Top Menu
Goto Layout > Edit HTML > Edit Template > edit top menu between ...

Save Template.

4. Main Menu
Goto Layout > Edit HTML > Edit Template > edit main menu between ...

Save Template.

5. Example Post

Koenigsegg CCX

"After the accident, Stig said he reckons this car would be 4 seconds faster than it was if it had a big wing on the back."

My suggestion, after login, goto Settings > Formatting > Post Template > insert below code

<img class="thumbnail" src="http://put-image-url-here" alt="" height="125" width="125" />
<span class="fullpost">
<div class="artwork-container"><div class="entry-artwork">
put image code or embed video code here with width=500, height=375
put image or video description here


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